Dave Brown for Senate

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Clear communication is important to me and you'll always know where I stand on the issues.


I support parental control in our children's education, which includes the options of homeschooling, charter and private schools. Fairness in education funding needs to be a priority in Minnesota. In addition to how much is spent on our children's education is how well the money is used and whether expected outcomes are being achieved.


Minnesota's economy and the creation of new jobs can be significantly improved with the permitting of the copper and nickel mines in northern Minnesota. What North Dakotans are experiencing with the oil boom, we in Minnesota will see once these mines are up and running. Harvesting these natural resources in an environmentally sound manner will create many new jobs in our state and will boost revenue to the state. This increase in state revenue can then be used to reduce property taxes statewide.

Taxes & Spending

I will propose a flat income tax rate for all Minnesota wage earners that allows us to keep over $1 billion more of our hard earned money.  I support no tax increases and will work to reduce the size of our ever-increasing state government.

Protecting the Unborn

I support the right to life for our unborn children. From conception to birth, babies are living human beings and should be protected as such. Abortion should not be legal and there should be no public funding to end the life of a baby.

Right to Bear Arms

The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. I strongly support our right to keep and bear arms and believe this right must not be violated. I also strongly support the rights of individuals to hunt and fish in Minnesota.

Public Safety

I believe the first job of government is the security of its citizens. Therefore, I support needed funding for our police and firefighters to allow them to protect the citizens of our communities and support legislation making it easier for them to do their jobs.


I believe in needed funding for veteran services to honor the men and women who have bravely and unselfishly served our great country.


I support the rights of farmers to protect their land and investments from destruction by our wildlife. Farmers need the freedom to responsibly manage wildlife that is destructive to their land, crops and livestock.

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